Kiko's Food News, 1.3.14

Happy Fab '14!

Kicking the year off on the right note, one of our most vocal fellow food waste fighters summed up 2013's big scores in combatting the food waste problem; my favorite is her #1, the realization that anecdotally, consumers like you and me seem inspired to waste less with each bite: (NRDC)

It's been well documented in recent years that the cost of food as it compares to other expenditures for Americans is going down, but I was surprised to see how dramatically the amount of money we spend on food cooked at home is going down vs. food eaten in restaurants: (The Atlantic)

The story of hunger is evolving as the percentage of the world's population with access to 2,500 or more calories a day has grown from 30% to 61%, but the countries that have a history of food insufficiency aren't just growing more food--they're increasing supply by importing it from abroad: (NPR)

Farmers in big agribusiness are fighting back against years of critical media coverage by connecting with consumers through social media and in-person outreach to try and show they don't have anything to hide: (Newser)

From a Mexican tax on sugary drinks to legislation banning Happy Meal toys in Chile and Peru, Latin America is becoming a laboratory for public policies meant to steer consumers away from processed food: (Wall Street Journal)