Kiko's Food News, 3.21.14

 I was disheartened to read about deceptive tactics employed by the National Restaurant Association to keep food service workers’ wages low; they recently hid their role in helping draft and circulate a statement signed by more than 500 economists urging the government to reject Obama’s proposed minimum wage increase: (New York Times)

But I was fired up to read about states that are capitalizing on a “heat and eat” loophole to avoid cutting food stamp benefits to families: (NPR

Chipotle’s bringing awareness to global warming by threatening to take guacamole off of their menu due to changes associated with climate change; freezes and droughts could lead to temporary price increases on key ingredients: (Triple Pundit)

The UN’s hunger fighting agency warned that population growth, coupled with higher caloric intake of increasingly wealthy people, will cause us to run out of food unless the world boosts its food production by 60% by 2050: (RT)

And I leave you with four misleading packaged food claims to watch for in the grocery aisle--don’t be wooed by these marketing buzz lines! (Huffington Post)