Kiko's Food News, 3.14.14

The new Farm Bill heralds a shift in the types of farmers who benefit from taxpayer dollars, reflecting lawmakers’ efforts to please constituents more focused on healthful foods; organic farmers, fruit growers and hemp producers all fare well in the new bill: (New York Times

In one application of the Bill’s safeguards for farmers, Obama has announced additional assistance to Californians impacted by the drought, including up to $100 million in livestock disaster assistance and $10 million for water conservation: (USDA)

On the darker side of food politics, we’ve seen the nation’s four biggest meat companies steadily hike prices and widen their profit margins since Obama took office; this article shows why the president’s antitrust plan has broken down under pressure from meat industry lobbyists: (Slate)

Researchers are studying whether antibiotics might promote growth in humans; evidence shows that America’s obesity epidemic may be connected to our high consumption of these drugs: (New York Times)

Safeway announced that it will be purchased by a private equity group that will merge it with Albertsons to create a grocery conglomerate of 2,400 stores and 27 distribution facilities--a real shakeup in California’s grocery chain landscape: (San Jose Mercury News)