Kiko's Food News, 3.7.14

The recall of 8.7 million pounds of beef that came through a Petaluma slaughterhouse has led Nicolette Hahn Niman, one of our most vocal promoters of sustainable meat, to share her company’s story as evidence that slaughtering is the most serious bottleneck in the food chain: (New York Times)

A dating site revealed that men prefer to date vegetarians but women don't, as it found that guys are 13% more likely to click on vegetarian women's profiles, but that women are 11% less likely to click on vegetarian men's profiles; date-seeking or not, let's all just keep eating what makes us feel good! (Mother Nature Network)

California’s Prop Two, which requires that all eggs sold there be from chickens raised in cages twice as large as the national norm, is one example of how state-specific legislation that protects animals will burden farmers that must either spend millions to comply, or face being shut out of that market: (NPR)

A study found that obesity in children ages 2 to 5 has fallen from 13.9% to 8.4% in less than 10 years; here are some theories as to why this could be: (Washington Post)

From turnip greens to watermelon rinds and even orange peels, this roundup of fruit and veggie parts we don’t often think of eating makes me hungry to throw out less food! (Huffington Post)