Kiko's Food News, 5.16.14

Since protests waged by fast food workers over the past 18 months have not yet swayed McDonald’s or other major restaurant chains to significantly raise their employees’ pay, the movement went global this week: (New York Times)

Does your grocery cart contain yogurt-infused guac and cookie butter on the reg? If so, you might be the typical Trader Joe’s customer: (Huffington Post)

100% of California is now in one of the three worst stages of drought; combine this with the current heat wave and you have wildfires and a farmer’s worst nightmare: (Climate Central)

This year, 3,300 lbs of venison from 106 white-tailed deer found in Washington DC’s Rock Creek Park have been donated to charities; the National Park Service has the meat inspected and processed and then turns it into meals for the hungry--bold and I like it! (New York Times)

Now that we’re all planting herbs in our pots or yards, it’s time for a briefing on how to dry them so they stay with us beyond the summer (leave it to Heidi Swanson to make dead plants look this beautiful): (101 Cookbooks)