Kiko's Food News, 5.9.14

A new federal report called the National Climate Assessment presented the challenges to agriculture introduced by climate change; from topsoil runoff to decreased snow water availability, this article shows the threats in pictures: (Mother Jones)

Eating bitter foods is one of the best things we can do to boost our nutrition, as they moderate both hunger and blood sugar, yet America may be the most sugar-philic and bitter-phobic culture in human history: (Huffington Post)

By adding cocoa powder to simulated stomachs and intestines, scientists have deduced that chocolate’s indigestibility is the reason for its health benefits; undigested cocoa matter absorbed into the bloodstream can reduce cardiac inflammation, and fermented cocoa remains improve cholesterol levels: (New York Times)

The calorie counting that defined dieting for so long is giving way to other considerations, like the promise of more fiber or natural ingredients; this is chipping away at the popularity of products like Diet Coke or Lean Cuisine, which became weight-watching staples by removing calories from people’s favorite foods: (Chicago Sun Times)

Make sure you’re keeping the right foods in the fridge by checking out this list of foods that should be kept out! (Huffington Post)