Kiko's Food News, 6.13.14

The FDA and the EPA for the first time advised that pregnant women, nursing mothers and children should eat two to three servings a week of low-mercury fish; regulators have for years warned that eating certain fish can interfere with neurological development: (Wall Street Journal)

In a partisan battle over what to feed America's school students, the School Nutrition Association (which organizes lunch ladies/men nationally) is allying with a number of conservatives that oppose school nutrition standards: (NPR)

Who knew that José Andrés, perhaps the best known celeb chef in our nation’s capital, has cooked up several food-based programs in Haiti after the 2009 earthquake? He’s sent pastry chefs to train orphanage staffers to bake bread, is supporting a culinary school, opened a community kitchen, and is helping convert urban schools from charcoal cooking to gas: (Washington Post)

Increasingly wealthy consumers in emerging economies are eating and feeding their children more meat and milk; combine that with health-conscious Americans who are replacing carbs with protein, and we can understand the rise of food industry giants like the maker of Jimmy Dean sausages and Chobani Greek yogurt: (Wall Street Journal)

But those Chobani marketers better pay attention to food science supporters, as they had to apologize for a slogan on some of their yogurt lids which read "Nature got us to 100 calories, not scientists": (ABC News)