Kiko's Food News, 6.6.14

Wondering why some of us like the taste of artichokes, coffee, blue cheese, ice cream or mushrooms more than others? Studies are showing how it's in our genes, and this may unlock the key to diet as health prescription: (Medical Daily)

Cuba opened its first wholesale market for farmers in decades; even though the farming sector has been the most liberalized, Cuba continues to import more than 60% of its food: (Reuters)

The word “clean” has become a trendy umbrella phrase to describe food that’s fresh, whole, good for you, local, hormone-free, grass-fed or really anything that makes us feel virtuous: (Forbes)

Speaking of “clean", Revolution Foods received a $30 million investment in its school-lunch business, a vote of confidence for school meals made with real food and without unhealthy additives: (Time)

The cutting edge of urban cuisine today is the diet of 19th-century Jews in Eastern Europe, as a new generation of entrepreneurs is learning to ferment pickles and bake pumpernickel bread in the ways their ancestors did: (New York Times)