Groceries for All: Part 2

For Part 2 of the Groceries for All series, I interviewed Tony Lawson, a senior who lives in Ward 8 in Southeast Washington, D.C. Tony's grocery commute is 45 minutes each way, and she's a huge advocate for investing our grocery dollars within DC's city limits.


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Tony and I split sandwiches after the show and brainstormed future Lunch Agenda guests.

Tony and I split sandwiches after the show and brainstormed future Lunch Agenda guests.

Favorite quote from Tony's interview:

"You may be living the life, the vida loca, but the bottom can fall out at any minute for any of have to think 'one day this could be me.'"

Favorite quote from our post-interview lunch date (no food in the recording studio!):

“I want to be the one to speak the truth for the people who can’t speak for themselves.”

Tony's Action Item for a better food system:

Vote with your dollars: "You are what you eat. The stores will stop selling these items if we don't buy them."

Other links mentioned in today's interview:

Tony taking a video camera along for her long trip to get groceries. ""You should be able to access most of what you need in 10 or 15 minutes. You shouldn't have to travel this far, for this long, to access what you need to survive."

Stats on demographics of Wards 7 and 8

Tony walks out her back door on Wayne Place Southeast to a big, grassy park. I asked her to describe her neighborhood because I think it's important for people who haven't visited this "food desert" to learn about all that makes it a great place to live. Tony has so much Ward 8 pride.

Kiko's Food News headlines:

Nestle selling US confectionary unit to Italian maker of Nutella

Some countries have proposed taxing meat to reduce consumption and help the environment

New York City street food vendors leaving the streets due to risk of being detained by ICE

Job Posting: Food Policy Analyst within the DC Office of Planning