Food at School: Part 1

Photo from @joyfulfoodmarkets instagram feed

Photo from @joyfulfoodmarkets instagram feed

Today we kicked off Lunch Agenda's Food at School series in conversation with Jody Tick (Chief Operating Officer of the Capital Area Food Bank) and Lindsay Morton (Director of Healthy Market Programs at Martha's Table). Through their collaboration on Joyful Food Markets, pop-up free farmers markets in DC, the non-profits are using elementary schools as a place to provide groceries to families when barriers stand in their way to getting food elsewhere.

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Links discussed in today's interview:

Volunteer with Joyful Food Markets

Follow Joyful Food Markets on instagram

Favorite quote from Jody:

"Everybody just wants the best for their family....what we've learned through surveys at Joyful Food Markets is that people want more fruits and vegetables. It's our job to get those to people who need it."

Jody's Action Item for a better food system:

"Visit and check out our hunger heat map . Take a look at hunger in your community, and do something about it. That's how we're going to make a dent: we all take responsibility for the communities where we live."

Favorite quote from Lindsay:

"A lot of the stats for Wards 7 and 8 suggest that these neighbors aren't as aware, or are uninformed about how to eat healthy. But that's not the case. It's other access barriers like quality and pricing, and even the child's preference.These are families that have strong intentions to eat healthy; how do we as a community stand with them and reduce the barriers to that happening?"

Lindsay's Action Item for a better food system:

"Travel to a grocery store out of your region and see what it's like. Use that as an opportunity to correct injustice and inequality. Because we're all one big community. There are a lot of things happening that folks aren't aware of...get out! Get to know your neighbors."

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